GrowingYourPractice Book
A comprehensive resource guide for any dentist or dental manager looking to grow their organization.


REALscore provides practice location strategy for the entire dental industry by providing reports and consultation services for startups, existing practices, lenders, and distributors.

These detailed reports include competition ratios, current and 5-year forecast demographic information and Location Search Reports to quickly and accurately discover locations or previously unknown pockets with the highest practitioner to population ratios. Our world-class data comes from the best demographic and practitioner data providers in the country.

Company services:

•  REALscore Location Search Reports (LSR): Identify the top locations with the best practitioner to population ratios within a 30-minute drive time of a base location, when a dentist is looking to start a new dental practice or wants to evaluate expansion or relocation options for their current practice.
•  REALscore Demographic & Practitioner to Population Report (DPR): If the dentist has a specific location for a start-up, is considering purchasing an existing practice or needs to understand the market for their current location, the REALscore Demographic & Practitioner to Population Report (DPR) will provide important current and future demographic information and competition ratios for the overall market.
•  Complimentary Consulting Call: REALscore reports include a complimentary consulting call to review the report, answer questions, evaluate the information in view of the dentist’s goals and help determine next steps.

Special offer:

Readers of this book are entitled to a 10% discount on all REALscore reports. Fill out the contact form on our Contact Us page, and we'll contact you to set up an appointment.


“As the worldwide leader in dental implant innovation and manufacturing, Nobel Biocare has always sought to align ourselves with industry leaders who can add value to our customers. I’ve known Ian personally for many years and have been very impressed with his knowledge and ability to help our doctors develop and implement marketing strategies that work. I’m excited he’s putting some of his knowledge into print so we’ll certainly be recommending this book to our valued doctor customers.”

-Tom Olsen, President and General Manager
Nobel Biocare North America

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