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Patient Prism®

Patient Prism® is an award-winning solution to one of the biggest problems in dentistry: getting people to book an appointment. Offering software that quickly evaluates how staff handle phone calls from prospective patients, Patient Prism tracks, records and coaches new patient phone calls using a combination of artificial intelligence, machine-learning, and experienced dental call coaches.

When a potential patient ends the phone call without booking an appointment, Patient Prism sends an alert to the dental practice typically within an hour detailing what the caller wanted, why they didn’t book, and effective phrasing the team can use to call back the patient and convert that lost opportunity into a booked appointment. In addition, there are literally dozens of reports, dashboards, and metrics to help you maximize your conversion rate, and generate exceptional new patient flow.

Company Services:

•  Rapid call analytics and coaching: Patient Prism® identifies why calls fail so you can take immediate action to win back lost patients.
•  Alerts: For each potential patient you’ve lost, Patient Prism will send an alert within an hour to call the person back right away, with advice on what to say.
•  Track marketing effectiveness: A dashboard shows which of your marketing investments produce the most revenue. Patient Prism® also tracks the number and value of opportunities won and lost for each tactic or channel.
•  Evaluate, coach, and develop the people who field your inbound calls: Provides feedback and support to improve the performance of your team.
•  Manage progress with dashboards and reporting: Get a comprehensive view of your effectiveness in growing revenue.
•  Video training library: Gain access to hundreds of training videos on all aspects of practice management.

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“As the worldwide leader in dental implant innovation and manufacturing, Nobel Biocare has always sought to align ourselves with industry leaders who can add value to our customers. I’ve known Ian personally for many years and have been very impressed with his knowledge and ability to help our doctors develop and implement marketing strategies that work. I’m excited he’s putting some of his knowledge into print so we’ll certainly be recommending this book to our valued doctor customers.”

-Tom Olsen, President and General Manager
Nobel Biocare North America

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